Why? (FAQs)

Why did you decide to put your teenage diary online?

1.I think it’s really funny.

2.I think everyone’s teenage years are/were pretty awful, and anytime you come across someone who was a bigger nob, or even just as big a nob as you were, doesn’t that help you feel a bit better about your own teenage years? (here I’m suggesting I was probably as big or probably bigger nob than whatever you were like, and you might get some pleasure from reading my diary and realising that actually you weren’t that bad)

3. It’s really interesting to read again. I mainly don’t really recognise the person who wrote the diaries, I’d completely forgotten what I was like and what life was like back then. I think I am learning things about myself, and in many circles, this sort of knowledge is highly valued.

Have you edited the diaries?

No, not really. 99% is exactly what I wrote at the time. I’ll let you speculate on the 1%.

Do you want to hurt anyone’s feelings – you are pretty nasty about some of your classmates?

No, definitely not. As far as I can tell, the person who comes out worst in this diary is me – any time I am mean about someone else, doesn’t it just illustrate how unkind and self-centred I was when I was a teenager?

What has surprised you most?

A few things strike me: I hardly ever mention my family life, and I hardly ever mention doing any schoolwork! It is also surprising that I thought I could get boys to like me just by a process of wearing them down. Thank god there were no mobile phones or facebook back then – I’d’ve been a terrible stalker.


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