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2nd December 1986

Me and Helen T went to see J this lunch and Williams came and it turns out J’s invited Brennan! Ugh! I hate that bastard and Simon T another wanker. I had a bollocking at him and he just goes only 2. It’s not my party, you bloody spastic. Then he said he wanted a private word but I said me and H are best friends (pinched her arm) and she had to hear. He said I don’t have a chance with him. God knows who he has a chance with. I’d already decided on Dean anyway. J’s going to be really left out the bastard!

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29th January 1986


Monica was putting on her depressed act today – she was being really annoying. It vanished after lunch though. Jeremy acted a complete and utter prat in the dinner hall. God he’s a spic. He stuck his arm in the air and waved. Jesus Christ what a stupid wanker. It snowed today and me, Helen T, Helen C, heather went and annoyed Jenny and Adrian who were trying to get some snogging in! Ha ha! I went to Harborne to get rats but it was closed so I’m going tomorrow.

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