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8th November 1986

Anj phoned J and asked if he wanted to see Top Gun with me. He said no. Anj said ‘Don’t you like her’ he said ‘I wouldn’t go that far’. I’ve got a deal with Fi, she fixes me and J up and I fix her and Roger up. Top Gun was brilliant it was ace. Tom Cruise is SO gorgeous! I wanted J there with me. I feel ill with cold and p.pains so bye!

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4th November 1986

NOTHING! He may not have got it before he left for school, so maybe Weds or Thurs I’ll get a result. I’d better get one. If my plan of getting him to ask to meet somewhere to explain my reason, fails, I’ll just have to phone him that night and ask if he wants to go and see Top Gun or something. Hope so. I’ve got to go out with someone soon – it’s really pissing me off!
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