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20th February 1987

I’m writing this in M’s home, which is a bit of a risk cos Alice might try and read this, but she probably has already so it won’t make¬†much difference. We broke up for half term today, thank god – school was really getting awful. Helen T was in an awful mood cos of everyone going to Edward’s. Jenny and Anj are going now, although it’s a bit iffy if they’ll get in, especially as Jenny won’t wear any make-up. Helen reckons that becuase it’s her sister’s and her sister’s best friend’s party she’s got a really big part in it, and everyone’s just ignoring her. Most people got the tickets off other people anyway and she didn’t even try and get us lot any. I can see her point about Jen and Anj, but they may not go anyway. I’m going to phone Andy and see if he’s going.¬† I wish I’d got another ticket so I could invit ehim, I didn’t see him at all today – worse luck. He may go on Monday, but I dunno. Straker said a few L6th were going and nearly all U6th are. Faye knows them all SO well! Stupid cow. Me and Anj and Duncan went into town after school and went to McDonald’s and Rackhams and I met Georgia and Anne and sat with them and had a few fags. I hope I’ll be able to have some tomorrow. That’ll be the only time I’ll be able to really.

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2nd February 1987

Babysitting 4.30-7

Helen appears to be getting back friends with everyone. I am annoyed with her, she really used me on Friday and she is using me to go round with cos no one else will. In Basketball she was being a real ball hogger and she gave me a massive cut on my hand she was so keen to get the ball! Stupid cow. I didn’t see Andy today – I expect he’s trying to keep out of my way. Dan will have given me my note – I hope he thinks it’s okay. I wrote Dan a really sarky note apologising for my behaviour towards him. Rhon’s got it – but it looks as though she’d avoiding him at the moment. I like Dan he makes you feel really at ease. I’m meeting Monica in town tomorrow, at 8.15 again. I hope she’s there and I hope Andy isn’t. I’m dreading facing him. Me and Kati watched Rachel and Fay doing their dance for the dance competition at lunch time. It was quite good, but it was just basically wiggling shoulders and chest and throwing head about. Fay of course had to let her hair down and let it all swing around, stupid slag! I keep thinking of Andy – it’s terrible! I sort of know it’s all finished – what there was – but then I think Oh well, I may still have a chance. I don’t know, I so hope he goes to Farwell’s party – he’ll have to!

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26th January 1987

I have made a decision about Andy. I am definitely going to ask him out next time I see him either on his own or with one other person. I’ll say, ‘I was wondering if you wanted to see Crocodile Dundee/some film on Saturday. I know girls aren’t supposed to ask, but I didn’t think you’d ask me, and I’m not going really to lose much if you say no’. He probably will say no. If he does, he does, and that’s that, and at least I’ll know. I saw him today with a young looking friend. He’s lovely. He does like me a bit cos he was hanging around outside a bit. I kept coming out of the classroom on crap errands, no one would go with me. Daniel’s going to speak to him tomorrow, Ricky’s hopeless. At least Dan’s a quite good friend of his so he’ll be a bit tactful. He says he’s not very sure in himself though. I wish I was more sure of myself so I could just ask him out. Anj is now after Ollie M. He is cute, but she doesn’t even know him! Helen T is supposedly going to write a letter to Jim B saying she fancies him, stupid cow. Kati and Jenny made up this story of having a long conversation with him at lunch. She was really mad. She was being so childish about me and Andy. God she annoys me.

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20th November 1986

Kati and Helen are allowed on the German exchange at easter and I’m not allowed on the German at all it’s really unfair. I was crying in biology cos of it. Helen T did her usual I’m sorry I wish there was something I could do act. Stupid cow, she’s really getting on mine and Nat’s and Jenny’s nerves. It’s only 2 weeks till Fiona’s party now and she hasn’t asked any of the fourth years yet, she’d better do. Jeremy’s got to go it’s my one chance to get him back. I don’t know what to wear at all. Hopefully I’ll be able to wear my lenses. I went for a trial today. They were killing me. It’s like a massive eyelash in your eye when you blink. I’ll have them by next week. I’m really excited!

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