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30th September 1986

Fi and me went into Selly Oak, but we didn’t see Miles and Olly so it was a bit of a let down really. We didn’t see anyone interesting at all actually. I saw Olly walking down the drive this morning – he looked nice adn tall and ‘well-built’. So he’s a bit podgy! I don’t really give a toss – which as Jen kindly told us means I don’t really give a masturbation, Okay, it doesn’t make sense – but Jenny swears it’s true! Nat now knows I fancy him and she says she hopes I get him, he’s quiet but nice. He’s obviously got a mind of his own unlike Jeremy who was so wet he’d do anything I asked. Tomorrow’s the big day – the PHONE CALL! He’d better not forget, the sod!!! I bought some herbal cigarettes today but  they were foul! A real waste of money and they look really weird. I’ve decided to buy only 3 mags a month, 2 x Mizz and Looks. I had a go at my hair last night. It looks quite nice short at the front and medium elsewhere. I’m growing the back and the sides I’ve decided.

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10th January 1986


Kati is still away. No-one has phoned her though – so we don’t know what’s up with her. There was a massive snowball fight this lunch-hour on Winterbourne. Me and Helen T didn’t want to go right into it though cos she didn’t want to see Michael and I didn’t want to see Jez. I fancy Micke – he’s a real hunk. I told Jenny and the sod told Helen C. Now it’ll be right round everywhere. I saw Jez a bit away from me and screamed ‘fucking hell’ then ran off – it was v. embarrassing.

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