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30th March 1987


Only another 3 and 1/2 days of SCHOOL. ACE. FAB. I’m getting fed up of it, I really am, we dpend our time doing fuck all for a shit exam that no one knows anything about. Seems pretty crap to me.

Mackie is apparently still crazy about Anj. Duncan really put his foot in it at lunch. Anj and Oliver were talking and he goes up and says what are you going to do about Matt H? And Oliver goes, oh well, thanks for telling me, if you think we’re still friends after this!!!

Ha ha – Joke of the Week – Jim B did NOT get into Snobs, ha ha ha!

Me and Kati and Helen C were at the university car park talking to Mackie and she just can’t talk normally to a boy, she has to really flirt with him and do her stupid flick back hair, do fake ha ha laugh, point nose in likely lad’s direction.

On Friday I want to do a Kati, cos I’m so pissed off with Stephen who’s still got my bracelet – stupid sod, so I feel like being a real slag.

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4th February 1986

Rhon, Rachel and Katy have had their hair permed. Katy’s looks the same, Rhon’s and Rach’s looks nice. Monica was being a pain as usual. She really gets on my nerves. Miss Hilter Hellier has totally changed my art around the cow. She decided I should do about twice as much as I was planning on. I am first going to ignore her. Cow! Me, Helen T and C and Jenny don’t want Katy or Nat to go to Roger’s party, they’ll just ruin it by slagging.

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