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18th March 1987


Kati has decided she doesn’t really want to go out with Jim any more, not that they were before really. She fancies him but dislikes his personality, apparenlty he loves himself to death.

Cow Darby was really patronising today. She was asking why I was a vegetarian and I said I disagree with factory farming and she said – in her really condescending manner – oh, you feel sorry for the animlas, I would have really had a go at her if she had said ‘schon’ on the end. She is such a cow. I’m not going to speak to her from now on, and I’ll just say she dismissed my beliefs in one condescending sentence.

Helen might be going on Friday after all. I bloody hope not. She was bugging me so much today – she really annoys me now. I couldn’t have stood her if she had stayed at mine, I really could not have done.

I got a letter off Jon, which is at school, saying ‘fuck off until you’ve grown up a bit or better still permanently’ – which I thought was rather amusing and was laughing at, but no one else did, but personally I’d rather have a reputation for being unreliable than for going out with Jon M!!!

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11th March 1987

11th March 1987

The dance tonight was ace Рit was really good. Anj only came joint third cos she slipped up a few times which was a shame, Clare M did a slow thing to Live to Tell, and Helen B was second with Easy Street and Helen  and Sarah W were first with an ace dance!

Apparently Jim B fancies Kati cos Kati and Helen T came to school with that lot tonight and everyone was really hinting at it and Ollie M told Kati and Helen both on their own. I think it might be a leg pull to Helen, but even if Jim does like Kati I doubt whether he’d go out with her cos she’s a fourth year and it would be terrible for his reputation.

There’s a party next Friday – as I said and hopefully I’ll be able to get three tickets, one for me and one to offer to Andy and Corim if they want to go!

Fiona had her photos on the bus today – including the second year ones where we all look absolutely awful! I told her not ot tell him which was me, but seeing as I had to get off early, cos of babysitting, she’s sure to have shown him them, just to embarrass me. Silly cow!

I hope Andy¬† will go next Friday – I don’t even know if I can get any tickets yet – hopefully I can, and maybe something will occur!!

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