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22nd October 1986

Drama Festival. WE WON!
It went really well today, except Gillian forgot her lines once. Miss Hellier said I was good and believable. All the other Warwicks were a bit boring, specially Jo D., who really gabbled her words. I could tell Phlip was miffed. She obviously thought she had it all sewn up with her poxy scenery! Well ha ha! We were all really happy when we won, cos we’ve never won anything else as a form before!

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28th April 1986


Today I met Adrian walking up the hill it was awful. He’s so boring, he just went on and on about his rugby boots. I dreamt about Olivier last night. I wish he was here with me. I bought a poxy new summer blouse at Rackhams and also bought some dye for the dress I bought at the jumble sale, it’s gone mustardy. I’ve got a 3 week temporary paper round for Daily news!!

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