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25th March 1987


Well, I am absolutely knackered and completely pissed off. It didn’t go very well with Steven today cos all his mates were there – Scott, Jim and someone else. After they’d gone it was OK, but before it was as though he cared much more for his mates than he does for me, and I just don’t know. Then I told him the Dadheech’s phone number and wrote it down and gave it to Cathy, but he fucking didn’t phone, so I was bloody annoyed.

We’re supposed to be going out to Snobs on Saturday with Anj and Ollie. Anj can only stay till half 10 cos her last train’s at 10 to 11, and there aren’t any trains on Sunday to hers so she can’t stop at mine.

There’s a party at Edwards on Friday, but Oliver’s working. I was supposed to ask Steven if Oliver still likes her (Anj) as they don’t talk.

Tomorrow it should be better as me and Steven are going to the shop so we can avoid all his mates, and I want to be alone with Steven, I really want to get off with him, I haven’t since FRIDAY and he won’t make a move and I would just feel stupid – so it looks like I’ll have to wait till SATURDAY!

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11th December 1986


It was free study morning today – that just means the teachers are pissed off and can’t think of anything else for us to do. We went to Alan Ayckbourn’s Confusion performed by L6th drama group. It was ever so good. Jeff was a real prick – he just acted normally actually. Simon T asked Georgia out, apparently, and she told him to fuck off. He doesn’t even know her and what makes him think she’d go out with a shit like him. Badminton tomorrow. It’s a highlight of the week going through the boys school!! I wore my lenses 4.45-8.15 today. I can move my eyeballs around now, but they’re still v. uncomfortable. I look quite nice I think – I don’t know.

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