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14th January 1987


We had 5 inches of snow overnight, so it was deep this morning. Father gave me a lift to school, but only Helen C had arrived by a quarter to nine. Four more arrived for assembly then our numbers got up to ten. Me, Helen C, Tam, Elise, Carol, Anna, Gillian, Becky, Claire and Jenny were at school. The hall wasn’t even half full and they changed the periods to half hour ones, lunch from 12.15-1.00, afternoon school 1.00 – 2.00. I didn’t have a 3rd afternoon lesson thank god! We were annoyed as we only have clubs on a Wednesday afternoon so we didn’t see the point in staying in school. A lot of people did go home in the lunch hour. Then we got the message – no school till Monday! ACE I don’t know how everyone who wasn’t in today is going to find out. I’m going to ring Mike Smith tomorrow morning on the BATphone and say hi to all the L5ths and if you weren’t at school, why not, and school’s closed till Monday if you didn’t already know. I hope it isn’t engaged. My room is really dark as the skylight’s all snowed up. 


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15th October 1986

Mike Smith did the Breakfast Show from New St Station today so I went along and met Carol, Kate, Rhon, Jo, Elise, Ann, Kate, Laura, Zara, Charlie and loads of others. Smithy looked gorgeous. We had our dedication read out and me and Rhon got our photos taken. Barry Sheene was there too. Fiona may be having a party. She’d better invite Olly and Miles for me and Anj! I still haven’t given him his letter. I’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

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