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17th March 1987

Quite a good and nice day in my opinion. Only bad thing was Helen T asked if she could stay the night at mine on Friday – and I said OK but then I was asking and no one wants her to to go and Helen C won’t go if Helen T does go and out of the 2 I prefer Helen C – so I’ve just phoned Helen and said my dad won’t let her – not 3 people coming in at about 2 o’clock as we supposedly woke him up last time. I feel guilty now cos she’s always left out of things and on Friday she’ll be the only one not going.

Nat had a massive love bit on her neck today – it was huge – and apparently her parents had a real bollocking at her! I don’t know what I’d do if I got one – just try and cover it with clothes and foundation or something I suppose! I don’t know what Dad would say, if he said anything! He’d probably pretend not to see it – but Alice would make sure he was aware of it!

Kati was away today and Jim B had to go to hospital for a urine test after his trip round East Europe. He’s probably caught a fatal tropical disease or something!! That’ll be the end of the romance!! No one knows if they’re actually going out or not.

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8th December 1986

Everyone does think I got off with Mark – they don’t believe that I didn’t. Nick was away from school today. I’m not surprised with that massive great love bite on his neck! Helen T and Kati were away. Nat had the chance to get off with Roger but she didn’t. She’s really regretting it. Silly cow. Anne’s arm is fractured. Caz is fine.

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