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27th February 1987

Well, back to school. Everything is pretty hunkydory except for the Helen T situation. She still doesn’t realise that Kati meant all the bitchy comments she made, and now Kati, Nat, Jen and Anj are hardly speaking to her. They’re going off in a four even more now. It’s really leaving me out as I am left with Helen and Helen and they’re quite close best friends and have all their little secrets and that. Jen has also virtually stopped speaking to Helen C who is being weird at  the moment, she’s being ever so quiet and that. It’s probably cos of her mum in hospital and the operation, but I hope she’s all right. There’s a pissed lad outside now shouting his head off. I hope he bloody shuts up he’s starting to annoy me. I feel really out on a limb at the moment, as I don’t know anyone from round here and don’t really want to know them, but I’m not close enough friends with anyone at school to see them a lot out of school. I’d like to see everyone on Saturdays or whenever, but those four go off together except Nat goes out with James all the time and Helen and Helen don’t really go out on the weekend. I’ll have to work on becoming better frineds with everyone without tagging along too much which I do a bit, and I think it’s annoying. I don’t want to fall out with anyone.

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6th January 1987

Dear Diary,

Back to school tomorrow! I’m really apprehensive of going back cos of my ‘changed looks’. It’s bad enough when you’ve just got a new hairstyle, but I’ve stopped wearing glasses and got a new hairstyle!! I’m going to wash my hair tomorrow – if I have the time and if there’s any water, so my hair shouldn’t look too bad! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again, but I don’t know how they’ll all sort out friends-wise. The worst thing would  be if Kati, Anj, Jen and Nat all deffed Helen T  out more, which would mean they’d also deff out Helen C and go off in a four. If that happened I’d be left with the Helens, who I like, but I don’t want to make them feel as if I’m tagging on too much. I want to see Jeremy’s face when he sees me. Despite saying I still dislike him to everyone I do think about him a lot. I think I realise though that we could never go back to being as close as we were, although we weren’t really that close.  But he’s obviously grown up a bit in the last year or so, so I wouldn’t mind going out with him again. At the moment though I think I’d go out with anyone, if they asked me.

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