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2nd March 1987

Well the end of another fabulous day at school! Jenny had a real moan about why we bother coming in cos we don’t do any work and spend the whole time dossing about / being bored out of our minds. Physics – as usual was a waste of time – I wish Mr W could teach properly.

In dance we’re supposed to make up a barn dance – which is a bit difficult in a 7 – now that silly cow Rachel has joined, so we always get lumbered with her, not even Ron and Sam want her – and me, Katy, and Helen and Anj certainly don’t!!

There was a netball match between the U6 girls and U5 boys- it was really funny (a draw 4-4). Andy was there – his chin has really broken out, so he hasn’t been able to shave, and it looks horrible, but I still like him! He was just asking about my photos – but seeing as Dad hasn’t even given in the films yet at the chemist, I don’ think they’ll be back till about Thurs!

I sent the letter to Jon. I was a bit apprehensive about it at school and I haven’t told anyone – but when I told Prachi and Neha that I was going out on a ‘date’ it felt really good, so I think I’m going just for the sake of a boy and getting off with him and hoping he might be alright. He seems a bit of a nob – but then so was Jeremy!

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29th January 1987

Today was a very traumatic day. At recess I caught Andy as he was coming into German, and asked him if he wanted to go to the cinema on Saturday. He seemed a bit shocked and surprised and said he’d think about it and see me at lunchtime. But I didn’t see him, so I phoned him, and he said he’d go as friends, but he’d be afraid he’s do something stupid – presumably getting off with me although I wouldn’t think that stupid!! So we worked out that he’d go if other people would go. I phoned Jo then and her and Richie are going on SAturday to see Crocodile Dundee but in Solihull, which is a pain, so what I thought was I could meet Andy at Moor St and go to Solihull, where Richard could pick us up in his car and drive us to the cinema – where seeing as it’s two couples and Jo and Rich will be “friendly” Andy may take the hint!!! I don’t really know. I arranged to meet Andy in the girls’ school about half one, but they’re not staying till then, it’s a 12.30 day for some reason, so I’ll have to see him in the morning and tell him to speak to Richard about the plans. I’m meeting Monica in town at 8.15 as well – so maybe we’ll see him than, hopefully anyway!! I’m in a good mood, things are finally getting going!!!

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