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1st April 1987


April Fool’s Day

What an exciting day today was. Everyone brought in teddies and we sat them all in our desks and hid in the loos for registration, English and Latin. For Maths we said we had a lecture but went to it late. Really most amusing.

Me, Helen and Elise wrote Helen a letter, supposedly from Stephen saying I haven’t finished with Jessica at all, it was just a lie invented by us so us going out wouldn’t hurt your feelings too much, as I hear you’re pretty obsessed with me on the bus! She actually believed it, we think, as she was asking how we’d got it and did Stephen say anything. Really funny.

Best time today was lunchtime. Me Kati and Mackie were sitting having a fag and up comes… Stephen, with a new haircut (exactly the same style just shorter – I really wanted to touch it – but I could hardly have asked!!) Mackie told him I still like him earlier and apparently he was pretty pleased. I’m going to try and get off with him on Friday – I don’t know if I will or not. If I do, will it just be one night, or four days, or longer. I’ll have to talk to him on the night, like I should’ve done last time.

The only spoke in the wheel is Caz S.

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27th March 1987


I think it’s all finito between me and Steven. Mackie said to Nat that he didn’t really want to go out with Anj any more and she said he was contrite and likes her, but gets it taken too much and it was sort of the same with Steven. Me and Kati went to  the car park at lunch and Steven Mackie, Jim B and some others walked underneath us on their way to the chippy seeing as we’d taken their usual spot. They must’ve seen us but were avoiding me. I think Steven should at least have the decency to tell me it’s over – what there was.

We’re going to Snobs tomorrow night, me Kati and Anj are – I think they all are – but they may be going to Maximillians. I hope they go – I think if they do I’ll get off with Steven and will be able to I reckon.

Helen C’s supposed to meet Nigel tomorrow in Rackhams. Me Jen and her are meeting at 12.15.

Surprisingly I don’t mind that much about Steven, it’s not as if I’ve lost anything and he didn’t really mean that much to me. I’m just going to forget it it tomorrow and get off with someone else – preferably someone I don’t know at all!!

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19th March 1987


Well, tomorrow’s the ‘great’ day! I don’t know if Andy’s going – I don’t really want to get off with him any more. I want to get off with someone though, just for the sake of it – so I’ve got someone to ‘dream’ about etc.

Kati doesn’t know what to do about Jim.

We found this ace place for a fag in the university car park by the steps. You can see everything – but people can’t see you, it’s ace.

Helen T isn’t going tomorrow unfortunately (!). It would be funny if she did go, with all her stories about how all the boys are lusting after her and looking down her shirt she has such a vivid imagination.

I am in such a mood. Gran gave us a £5 note each last night and mine has funcking DISAPPEARED. I’ve bloody searched everywhere and it’s BLOODY GONE! A £5 NOTE!

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7th March 1987

7th March 1987

I woke up today to find it had snowed a lot and it continued snowing all flipping day. Of course this only happens at the weekend – never at school!

Well only I was asleep till 11.30 – which is really late for me and I went into town this afternoon and bought a blue top like my black polo neck one for only £3.99 from Mark One. I don’t know what I’m going to wear tomorrow. I’m a bit limited thanks to the flipping snow – hopefully it’ll have gone by tomorrow morning I’ve decided I may as well go.

Advantages: He might be nice. I want to get off with somoen. I want to go to the cinema anyway, to fill an afternoon.

Disadvantages: He might be foul. He’ll ruin my reputation. Everyoen’ll talk about it/. He might hate me.

5 to 4: I’m going to go past on the bus to see what he looks like – if he’s foul I won’t go – if he’s niceish I will.

Alice is away at the moment, only till tomorrow morning worse luck, but at least I get a bit of peace. My hair is getting longer and floppier – I’ve got to find a style that it’ll look nice in while growing longer – the only one that I can think of is sideways and that’s so boring!! I bought some long combs which could help a bit.

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28th February 1987

I have composed a letter to send to Jon, saying I want to meet him outside the Odeon Queensway next Sunday at 2.00 and I’ll be wearing black. I’m not sure whether to send it but I think I will as at the moment I really want to get off with someone and anyone’ll do at the moment – well, anyone desperate… I’m worried though that at the last minute I’ll chicken out and then I’ll regret it. And what if I don’t like him! I want to meet him, in case he is nice, and to get off with him, but if I do that and I just use him for my ‘desires’ then he’ll want to go out with me, or he’ll say I’m really ‘loose’ etc. It wouldn’t be so bad going out with someone again, after over a yearI’m getting bored of being single, and Andy obviously doesn’t want to know, in that sense, so maybe. But from what I’ve heard about Jon he’s a real nobend and a prat. That might be better for me cos he might be wanting to discover girls and be really forward which is what I think I want at the moment. I would feel guilty about just leading him on though, and I might not even like him enough to get off with him, although the cinema especially on a Sunday is a pretty good place for that sort of thing!!!

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3rd December 1986

What a day!

Natalie doesn’t fancy Jeff any more, she just had a crush on him when he asked her out, so she’s going to chuck him. Roger phoned Nat and said he doesn’t want to get off with Fi so I don’t know what will happen. Nat fancies Roger again. Jeremy phoned me and we had a good chat about the party. I sort of told him about me getting off with Adrian, ie:

J: why do you hate Adrian?

Me: Let’s just say I have experience of him.

J: oh yes!

Me: believe what you like!

Ha ha!! He said he hoped he’d see me Friday. Now I don’t know what to do. I dunno if I want to get off with Dean for one night or get off with J and go out with him. The thing is though J’s very backward, I mean in 2 months he didn’t try ANYTHING. Maybe he’s changed. I don’t know. Maybe he’s the opposite of D though, who’s FAST!!! I’ll have to see what happens on Fri.

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30th November 1986

Yesterday I bought 2 gold bangles, gold earrings, 2 rolls paper, hairspray, deo, school bag. The bangles and earrings are for Fi’s party. I went to see Paul, he’s gorgeous and nice and sexy and everything. I’ve added him to the list of who I fancy. Fi’s is going to be good.
Groups of people:
1. those who get off with 1 person the whole night.
2. get off with loads of people whole night.
3. get off with 1 person for 1/2 an hour.
4. have a good time and don’t get off with anyone.
5. person they love is with someone else – still they have a laugh.
6. person they love is with someone else. depressed.
7. no girls or boys will speak to them.
Me and Helen C are going to see J tomorrow lunch to give him Fi’s address etc. Helen wants to see him.

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