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3rd April 1987



At 7 we are allowed to start getting ready I have dyed my hair black. It looks really cool! I am DYING to get off with Stephen. This is my true love of the year (sarky). I’ve just been reading my I heart Jeremy diary. I hope Caz doesn’t get off with Stephen – I’ll fucking kill her!! Weill I get off with him… all will be revealed in the next lines!!!

2.30 I went out with such high hopes and now they’ve all been shattered. As soos as Stephen arrived he got off with Caz ALREADY Well, I was very pissed off so I was crying – first time ever over a boy – why are they such bastards. Then I lost my contact lens well ONE of them – but it means I’ll be wearing glasses for a few days  – un-bloody-fortunately. I spoke to Stephen he was very offish, this was after SHE had gone. He’s borrowing my bracelet but the sod tomorrow sorry I’m a bit drunk at the moment, as you may have guessed dear diary, I spent the majority of the evening crying over lost lenses and lost loves. I still fucking like him which is what is so annoying – he  was just lying on the floor  – stupid sod. I hate having to write this it’s just upsetting me. So I got off with 3 boys – I don’t know who for the life of me and it didn’t help at all. And I’ve lost my keys. Never again.

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2nd April 1987


I am in a fab mood today. I went down the car park with Kati, Cathy and Caz S. I had a chat with Caz about Stephen and she fancies him, but doesn’t know him and isn’t going to force herself on him or anything. She’s going at 12 anyway, so if she gets off with him early, I’ve still got 21/2 hours with him. Stephen came down the car park as well and he was being very nice – i.e. speaking to me first. He came past this house the other day he said, and he knows which room my room is! I fancy him so much – I think it’s going to be a good night tomorrow, i.e. I think I’ll get off with him.

Helen has had her hair ‘re-styled’ – a few layers put in, in other words. She is still kidding everyone she’s going – obviously she’s not, like last time.

I’ve told Anj to tell Mackie tomorrow night to make loads of hints again, that should get Stevie moving! Me and Helen are going early to get pissed quick (well, I am) I still haven’t decided what to wear – it’ll end up being my black polo neck no one’s seen before, and my yellow skirt and black tights. I’ve got to look stunning so I really knock Stephen out. I wonder what he’s thinking now – if he’s dreaming of me or Caroline!

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25th March 1987


Well, I am absolutely knackered and completely pissed off. It didn’t go very well with Steven today cos all his mates were there – Scott, Jim and someone else. After they’d gone it was OK, but before it was as though he cared much more for his mates than he does for me, and I just don’t know. Then I told him the Dadheech’s phone number and wrote it down and gave it to Cathy, but he fucking didn’t phone, so I was bloody annoyed.

We’re supposed to be going out to Snobs on Saturday with Anj and Ollie. Anj can only stay till half 10 cos her last train’s at 10 to 11, and there aren’t any trains on Sunday to hers so she can’t stop at mine.

There’s a party at Edwards on Friday, but Oliver’s working. I was supposed to ask Steven if Oliver still likes her (Anj) as they don’t talk.

Tomorrow it should be better as me and Steven are going to the shop so we can avoid all his mates, and I want to be alone with Steven, I really want to get off with him, I haven’t since FRIDAY and he won’t make a move and I would just feel stupid – so it looks like I’ll have to wait till SATURDAY!

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