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31st March 1987


Got some news today, it’s sort of good, sort of bad. Me, Kati, Anj and Mackie were down the car park and Anj and Mackie went off for their chat about whether they go out together or not. When they came back, Anj told me, Mackie had said that Stephen would go back out with me, if Caroline S didn’t want to go out with him. Caz already knew this and she wouldn’t say if she fancied him or not. If it turns out she does, me and Kati and Amelia are going to have a competition for how many lads we can get off with. Kati’ll win.

I don’t know whether to get off with Stephen again – as he may just drop me again. I could really use him as much as he’s planning to use me – by getting off with him, then pretending – or being – to be casual about it – and letting him do all the running – and if he wants to then that’s fine, but if he doesn’t, I haven’t really lost anything.

I don’t know. Mackie’s going to tell him I still fancy him, and I don’t know if that’ll change anything, but there’s still the sort of foursome between Cathy, Scott P, Stephen and Caz, which would be very convenient, especially if Anj is only going to see Mackie occasionally. I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see what happens, if anything.

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11th March 1987

11th March 1987

The dance tonight was ace – it was really good. Anj only came joint third cos she slipped up a few times which was a shame, Clare M did a slow thing to Live to Tell, and Helen B was second with Easy Street and Helen  and Sarah W were first with an ace dance!

Apparently Jim B fancies Kati cos Kati and Helen T came to school with that lot tonight and everyone was really hinting at it and Ollie M told Kati and Helen both on their own. I think it might be a leg pull to Helen, but even if Jim does like Kati I doubt whether he’d go out with her cos she’s a fourth year and it would be terrible for his reputation.

There’s a party next Friday – as I said and hopefully I’ll be able to get three tickets, one for me and one to offer to Andy and Corim if they want to go!

Fiona had her photos on the bus today – including the second year ones where we all look absolutely awful! I told her not ot tell him which was me, but seeing as I had to get off early, cos of babysitting, she’s sure to have shown him them, just to embarrass me. Silly cow!

I hope Andy  will go next Friday – I don’t even know if I can get any tickets yet – hopefully I can, and maybe something will occur!!

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13th October 1986

Anj is going out with Miles. Me and Kati went to Selly Oak and when we returned we down to the swimming pool where Anj and Miles were sitting holding hands. They looked so gorgeous! Apparently  Olly’s getting pissed off with all these other people giving him messages saying Jessica fancies you etc etc. I’ve written him a letter about it asking him to reply soon.

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2nd October 1986

I didn’t write yesterday as I was really disappointed. I rang Olly and he said he wouldn’t go as she didn’t live in Sutton. I think he just had Cold Feet and chickened out. But he said just tell your friends I exist. So I told Rhon to phone him and say someone really likes him so would he go out with her. He thought she meant ‘Jo’ and was going on Jessica keeps telling me about ‘Jo’ (Rhon had said letter J) Anyway, he’s writing her a letter as ‘you cna say things in a letter you can’t say over the phone’. I reckon he fancies Rhon. And he’s going to give it to Pansy so unless we intercept him on the way to school or intercept Pansy at the Special stop, we won’t get it till Monday!! I hope he says he’ll go – I’m besotted!

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25th September 1986


I have to take my library books home soon – well they’re due back for 26th Spet. I’ve decided to phone Olly at the weekend. I don’t know what he’ll say. Sam’s given Elliott the wrist i.e. we should see less of each other etc etc! She was really worried about doing it though. The bra that someone (s) sent Roger, he thought it was me, was sent by Rhon, Rich M and George P. Ha ha – Rhon told me about it – I bet Roger was really pissed off when Rich told him about it. Anj fancies Rich M or vice versa I’m not quite sure. I doubt whether she’ll go out with him – hope not. I hope Olly’s nice to me on the phone tomorrow. I don’t know where he lives or his number though. I can’t ask Natalie – she’d laugh at me!

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5th February 1986


It is snowing now, it has been all evening so it’s fairly deep. I hope it means we can’t get to school in the morning. I doubt that it will though. I am still being very cold to Alice about Saturday night! Fiona fancies Michael! She doesn’t even know him, and she fancies everyone so I doubt she’ll take it any further. She’d better not anyway. Natalie now fancies Conrad. So much for mature boys!

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