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19th March 1987


Well, tomorrow’s the ‘great’ day! I don’t know if Andy’s going – I don’t really want to get off with him any more. I want to get off with someone though, just for the sake of it – so I’ve got someone to ‘dream’ about etc.

Kati doesn’t know what to do about Jim.

We found this ace place for a fag in the university car park by the steps. You can see everything – but people can’t see you, it’s ace.

Helen T isn’t going tomorrow unfortunately (!). It would be funny if she did go, with all her stories about how all the boys are lusting after her and looking down her shirt she has such a vivid imagination.

I am in such a mood. Gran gave us a £5 note each last night and mine has funcking DISAPPEARED. I’ve bloody searched everywhere and it’s BLOODY GONE! A £5 NOTE!

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13th March 1987

13th March 1987

We’re all (well me, Kati, Anj and Jen – maybe Helen C) going tomorrow to Edwards, I haven’t got a THING to wear. I may be able to get a black miniskirt tomorrow, if there are any cheap ones and I can wear that over something – I haven’t any black leggings so it’ll have to be tights and I don’t know about that with my legs. What I really want is a navy miniskirt – to go with my top and cardi and I haven’t got any bottoms to go with them – especially my long cardi – I want to wear that next week though. I really don’t have a clue what to wear. I could wear my brown ‘cowgirly’ stuff but it’s not very good or ‘trendy’ – more for wearing in teh summer I think. I could see if there’s anything I can do with my olf leggings, I could wear my red skirt, long, with my black top and black tights and shoes and silver jewellery – I wish I had diamante, and that wide crocodile belt. I really don’t know.

I’m going into town tomorrow to see Anj / Kati / Jenny. They don’t know it – well Anj does cos I phoned her. I want to meet them cos I always have a bit of a laugh with them, and  there’re usually loads of people hanging around in there, but I don’t like to go on my own.

Gran’s coming tomorrow – shoudl be pretty ace, at least it means I’ll be able to nick the odd pack of fags off her – hopefully!

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