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24th March 1987


Well, I am really ‘in lurve’ now! Saw Steven at lunchtime – he is divine. It was awful at first, cos there was me Kati, Anj, Jenny and Nat all going down, and then Jim B, Steven and Ollie arrived, so Kati buggered off with Jenny and then Nat was just hanging around and we wanted her to go. then Kati and Jen came back cos Jim’d gone. It was awful at first cos no one was saying anything. Then me and Steven went off for a walk and I thought we were going to get off together but no such luck, and we just sat talking, then Ollie and Anj came and the conversation stopped. To make it worse John G, Oliver H, Jim B and someone else came back – but once they’d gone it was still pretty shit. We decided to walk back to school and Ollie left Anj to go back to school on her own, but Steven, being a real gentleman, walked me back to the senior entrance and again I hoped this would be a ‘goodbye’ kiss but no, we just stood talking. He’s a real laugh – he’s fabbo! Apparently there’s a rumour going round that I fancy someone else but Nat told Ollie it was complete crap and I’m crazy over Steven, so he’ll tell Steven. I am actually!!!

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28th January 1987


No card from Andy – BUT Daniel spoke to him and he said I’ll see her at Farwill’s party and got very embarrassed. I then decided to ask him out at dinner but he was going on a hockey trip to Coventry. SO I phoned up this evening but he was still out, so I gave my phone number – which means he’s now got it, ACE, and said tell him to phone if he gets in before half ten, but he hasn’t phoned. I might see him on the bus with Monica. I’m meeting her at 8.15 in town. Perhaps Andy will be there!! For my birthday I got ace jumper, knitted by M – gorgeous, moist tissues, note pad, transfer, about £30, gel spray off Anj, lipstick and choc. orange – Nat, brooch – Jen, paper and book and pen – Helen T, skin stuff – Helen C, something on Monday – Kati, Carol and Monica said they’d bring theirs in tomorrow. I had a pretty ace birthday, saw Andy this morning – he was going to sing but was too embarrassed (I’m besotted with him so excuse ramblings) managed to avoid the bumps. I fell out with sexy Peter in the dinner hall (ha ha) I said he was too old to go to a disco. We had this fabbo make-up talk in Drama. This old tart came in a did a make-over on Jo and Julie. Julie looked really nice, but Jo had too bright a lipstick.

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