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5th April 1987


Nosy Jenny is here trying to read this. We’re just going to phone Lisa. Jenny’s gone now.

I met her at Cannon Hill cafe and we sat there for a bit and had a few fags and she told me about her ‘affair’ with a 24 yr old who she wants to see, but doesn’t know whether to phone him or now as he now lives in London.

We came back here and Helen phoned to find out what was happening on Friday, so I told her and I said I might see her on Friday at Edwards.

We phoned Lisa and they had already told her that me and John were sort of getting together so I got his phone number and we were chatting away. We’re seeing her on Wednesday probably. Hopefully John will be there – he only has to go to tutoring for half the day, lucky sod. I phoned him but he was out and his mum didn’t know where he was and I’m to ask him where he’s been when I speak to him.

Kati rang to ask if we wanted to go to Boogies tomorrow night. I suppose I will but we’d better get some tickets cos otherwise I’ll have no money on Friday. I’ll have to get other people to buy me drinks. I don’t really want to go, they’re all staying at my house and I haven’t told my Dad yet, I hope he doesn’t mind!

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25th March 1987


Well, I am absolutely knackered and completely pissed off. It didn’t go very well with Steven today cos all his mates were there – Scott, Jim and someone else. After they’d gone it was OK, but before it was as though he cared much more for his mates than he does for me, and I just don’t know. Then I told him the Dadheech’s phone number and wrote it down and gave it to Cathy, but he fucking didn’t phone, so I was bloody annoyed.

We’re supposed to be going out to Snobs on Saturday with Anj and Ollie. Anj can only stay till half 10 cos her last train’s at 10 to 11, and there aren’t any trains on Sunday to hers so she can’t stop at mine.

There’s a party at Edwards on Friday, but Oliver’s working. I was supposed to ask Steven if Oliver still likes her (Anj) as they don’t talk.

Tomorrow it should be better as me and Steven are going to the shop so we can avoid all his mates, and I want to be alone with Steven, I really want to get off with him, I haven’t since FRIDAY and he won’t make a move and I would just feel stupid – so it looks like I’ll have to wait till SATURDAY!

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14th March 1987

14th March 1987

I am so knackered! I really want to go to sleep but I mustn’t miss a day – must I??? I went to town this afternoon and met Kati Jen and Anj and Jenny knew the people sitting atthe table next to us and we had a laugh. It was good.

Tonight we went to Edwards. i wore a miniskirt for the first time in my life. It wasn’t very good – I know the trendy L6 now – that’s good – not really well or anything, but I know them. Steven W had these poppers with him , It’s a little bottle and you sniff it up one nostril and about 30 secs later you feel really ‘high’ all your head buzzes and stuff, and then it just wears off – I had quite a lot to drink anyway.

I met this lad Andy who chatted me up and I was telling him all this crap about me – I’ve got a Volkswagen etc. He goes Oh I know you were at college – when I saw you I can tell. I told him I’m doing Biology Zoology and Psychology then I’m going to university to be an animal psychologist. He was telling me how his cat gets sick when he eats and he gives him chicken but he’s still sick. He was quite nice, a bit of a LAD and he told me he was a waiter and someone he knows is a Bar Manager, what a show off!! I was debating whether to tell him just before I left – By the way – I’m only 15!! HA HA!

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10th March 1987

10th March 1987

Helen C was away today – which made it awful for Helen T, she was in a mood the whole day – she’s supposed to be taking Katy back with her until the dance competition tomorrow but she didn’t say a work to her all day – so Katy doesn’t know what she’s supposed to be doing. No one was speaking to her today. It’s always Helen who everyone gets fed up with and even I get pissed off with her and I try to be friendly to her.

We’re not going to Edwards this SAt, but next Friday or Saturday Abigail and Katie B are having a party and apparently everyone’s going to that, except Helen T who doesn’t know about it, and if asked if we’re going by her, we are definitely NOT becuase ‘it’s going to be crap’.

I have given up on Andy – I hardly ever see him and when I do he’s always with Corim or someone else and I always manage to embarrass myself. I think he likes Fiona anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Tomorrow is our drama thing – the soap operas, ours is crap, we just spent the time in hysterics. I’ll have to by a copy of the Sun tomorrow, to fit in with my part, I don’t know what I’m going to wear, muy school shirt and putrid brown flares, I think – lovely!


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