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3rd December 1986

What a day!

Natalie doesn’t fancy Jeff any more, she just had a crush on him when he asked her out, so she’s going to chuck him. Roger phoned Nat and said he doesn’t want to get off with Fi so I don’t know what will happen. Nat fancies Roger again. Jeremy phoned me and we had a good chat about the party. I sort of told him about me getting off with Adrian, ie:

J: why do you hate Adrian?

Me: Let’s just say I have experience of him.

J: oh yes!

Me: believe what you like!

Ha ha!! He said he hoped he’d see me Friday. Now I don’t know what to do. I dunno if I want to get off with Dean for one night or get off with J and go out with him. The thing is though J’s very backward, I mean in 2 months he didn’t try ANYTHING. Maybe he’s changed. I don’t know. Maybe he’s the opposite of D though, who’s FAST!!! I’ll have to see what happens on Fri.

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21st November 1986

Possibilities of outfits for Fi’s:

1. Black dress and gold jewellery. 2. Yellow jumper, pink leggings. 3. Yellow dress. 4. Red skirt and cardi, yellow polo shirt. 5. Pink jumper and black trousers. 6. Pair of men’s massive trousers and white shirt and waistcoat and tie. If I can get trousers = v. nice. 7. Plain white T shirt and blue jumper.

Dresses: yellow, black. Jumpers: yellow, pink, blue. Cardis: red, peach. Trousers: jeans, black, pink. Leggings: peach, pink, yellow, orange, white. Shirts: white, pink, pink, orange. T Shirts: yellow, pink, stripey. Skirts: red, pink, black, white, peach, yellow.

We all deffed out Helen T this lunch by going to see Neighbours at Jennys’s. She saw u signing out though and was in a bit of a mood. Fi is only inviting a few fourth years, including Jeremy. Dunno if he’d go. If Olly, Dean and J go – I’ll have an ace time – hopefully. I dunno if J will go or not.

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