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7th January 1987


Well, what an ace day! Everyone was back except for Tam. Becky J has had her hair changed – bob and a FRINGE! It looks ok. Rachel’s had hers done in a centre parting flicked back – bob. She’s gone from dead pretty to ugly! I haven’t really spoken to Kati yet but everyone else sthought I looked nice. Fi said Anj had told her I looked pretty – she would’ve meant it, Anj always speaks her mind!!! We had a form period – i.e. a doss about and we just talked about the holidays and TV and that. Nat’s getting really friendly with a boy called James she sees a lot. Rhon’s having a party next Sat. None of the girls really want to go, but I wouldn’t mind, I feel much more confident. Jeremy asked Heather and Anj to go with him to Heartbreak Ridge. I’ve got to see him! Peter in the dinner hall said my look was a definite improvement. He’s really nice- if only I was older!! We saw Adrian today – what a disaster!! He’s so gooky I don’t believe it. How could I ever have fancied him. Roger’s going out with a L6th and now won’t speak to stupid 4th years. He’s so PRETENTIOUS.

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23rd October 1986

We won! We were all in a really doss about mood today. Me and Jo went round hitting each other all day and saying ‘sorry’! We had water fights at lunch, and me Kati and Helen were all leaning out of the window and shouting at all the boys who went past, trying to guess their names. Fay was dead sure they’d win and she isn’t speaking to any of our class now! We’re doing it to school and governors on Thursday November 13th. I hope M can come up and watch it. Mrs Young was pleased we’d won and we spent the morning register giving 3 cheers to everyone.

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14th October 1986

I haven’t given Olly my letter yet as I haven’t had a chance. When I next see miles I’ll give it to him. I saw Jeremy in the queue again today. He looked nice. I want to talk to him and have a conversation but I never get the chance. I hope I do soon as I want to know how he is, what he’s doing etc etc. I’ve written to Karine, she still hasn’t returned my Snoopy game. She’d better give it back or else! We had a really doss about rehearsal today, everyone was just playing the fool. Rebecca J has ‘connections’ with a 5th year, Andy H. I hope she goes out with him, she’s quite nice really. I’ve got a sort of feeling about her that we’re going to be good friends it’s very odd. I had a bath just now. I haven’t had one for ages – I had to scrape the dirt off. I’m going to start bathing daily again. Miles says he thinks I’m weird, so does Richard. I want to know what’s so weird about me!

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