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8th March 1987

8th March 1987

Today was really funny – I went into town by bus at about half 1, 1.45 and he wasn’t there, so I took the bus round a bit – out of town to the ABC, then back in, and there he was. Looking about 12 years old wearing a putrid brown jacket which looked as though it had embroidery on it. I kept taking the bus round town, to ABC and back in again, but he didn’t leave till a quarter to 3!!! What a dickhead, I would only have waited half an hour!

When he had finally gone I got off the bus and went to the cinema. I wanted to see Peggy Sue Gets Married, but they were only showing Crocodile Dundee so went to see that. It was ever so good, Paul Hogan is lovely and hunky – I was just worried taht Jon might be sitting near me!!

I feel a bit sorry for him – he phoned 3 tmes in the afternoon, but I got Alice to say I was with my boyfriend – he must be pretty desperate I suppose I should have gone – if only to explain that I didn’t want to be known as the girl who went out with Jon M seeing as he’d told virtually the whole 5th year, big mouth. But I didn’t even want him to know who I am in case I should see him at school. He has no idea of how to be cool, at least he lives down to his surname.

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24th September 1986

I ddin’t see Olly, nor did anyone else. I don’t know whether to phone him or not. I want to, but I think I’d be too embarrassed. He knows I fancy him and he might tell all his mates that I phoned him or something. I had to go for a walk with Monica this lunch hour. She was waiting for someone to come out of the dinner hall or go into. She wouldn’t admit it though. She finally saw him and he’s quite nice really – a bit of a dickhead though.

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