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6th January 1987

Dear Diary,

Back to school tomorrow! I’m really apprehensive of going back cos of my ‘changed looks’. It’s bad enough when you’ve just got a new hairstyle, but I’ve stopped wearing glasses and got a new hairstyle!! I’m going to wash my hair tomorrow – if I have the time and if there’s any water, so my hair shouldn’t look too bad! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again, but I don’t know how they’ll all sort out friends-wise. The worst thing would  be if Kati, Anj, Jen and Nat all deffed Helen T  out more, which would mean they’d also deff out Helen C and go off in a four. If that happened I’d be left with the Helens, who I like, but I don’t want to make them feel as if I’m tagging on too much. I want to see Jeremy’s face when he sees me. Despite saying I still dislike him to everyone I do think about him a lot. I think I realise though that we could never go back to being as close as we were, although we weren’t really that close.  But he’s obviously grown up a bit in the last year or so, so I wouldn’t mind going out with him again. At the moment though I think I’d go out with anyone, if they asked me.

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21st November 1986

Possibilities of outfits for Fi’s:

1. Black dress and gold jewellery. 2. Yellow jumper, pink leggings. 3. Yellow dress. 4. Red skirt and cardi, yellow polo shirt. 5. Pink jumper and black trousers. 6. Pair of men’s massive trousers and white shirt and waistcoat and tie. If I can get trousers = v. nice. 7. Plain white T shirt and blue jumper.

Dresses: yellow, black. Jumpers: yellow, pink, blue. Cardis: red, peach. Trousers: jeans, black, pink. Leggings: peach, pink, yellow, orange, white. Shirts: white, pink, pink, orange. T Shirts: yellow, pink, stripey. Skirts: red, pink, black, white, peach, yellow.

We all deffed out Helen T this lunch by going to see Neighbours at Jennys’s. She saw u signing out though and was in a bit of a mood. Fi is only inviting a few fourth years, including Jeremy. Dunno if he’d go. If Olly, Dean and J go – I’ll have an ace time – hopefully. I dunno if J will go or not.

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4th September 1986

Today we are ‘settling down’. I am getting deffed out a bit by Helen T and Kati, the latter especially! However, if they do break friends with me, I have got other friends in the class to go around with. I went down to Winterbourne today with Nat. jeff is having a party tomorrow but only certain people are invited. Jeff and Roger and Richard J and Mac were there. I think they’re dead weird going around withgirls 2 years younger than them, I mean, they’re nearly 17!

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