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9th January 1987


Today was ok. I missed afternoon school cos of that card telling me to come to the Health Centre, Handsworth. When I got there it was my old form from Daily News for a work permit, so it was a complete waste of time. Because of missing German and English, both with homework!! It was a nothing lessons day, only RE, a dozy lesson, French, Games kit check, and nothing, and biology. I went down to the dinner hall with Kati, Anj, Jen and Nat but they made me feel really unwelcome and were not bitchy in an outright way, but just were nasty, so I elft. They are really going off. They went to Jenny’s house today lunch, so I made a January card for Jon and sent it, putting no mention of Kati and Nat on it. They’re pissing me and the Helens off. We and Jo and Heather spent ages following Daniel and Andy H around the school and peeping round the corners and then running off. I told Anj when she came back in we had talked to him and he asked about her. I just looked at her and and said I was going home then, so she’s won’t find out!

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24th March 1986


Five days to go! Today was awful! I’m going to start scaling my days – A to E. Today was a ‘D’. Everyone was ‘cool’ towards me. Then, in maths Jenny wrote a note to me saying the famous four had had a little get-together that Saturday. I said something non-commital, Heather put something bitchy. Then Helen T guessed, so I told her. She confronted Jenny with it and that started off a row between her and Helen C. I can see Helen T’s point of view, I mean, her and Helen C are supposed to be best friends, so I think Helen C should have told her. On the other hand what Helen C does out of school is her business and why should she have to tell Helen, or anyone else.

Also, I missed Adrian. I told Rhon and Sam I fancied him and they say they’ll stir it up for me. I had a good conversation with Darren on the bus. He’s quite a good friend – I quite like him.

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