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21st March 1986


I got off school today. It was really boring. I got tarted up to go and buy some fags, then lost my nerve. I had a long conversation with Tam on the phone and learnt some interesting things. 1) Jenny, Anj, Helen C and her had a ‘meeting’ on Jenny’s birthday – so I hate Jenny more. 2) Helen C and Kate spent a lot of today bitching about Helen T who was away. 3) Everyone thinks I have a lot in common with Adrian. 4) I fancy Adrian and want to go out with him.

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26th February 1986


Today was terrible. Nat and Kati broke friends with Helen cos they thought her and Jenny were bitching about them. They made up in French. Then Nat and Kati broke friends with Jen. I’m not bloody surprised Kati didn’t make up. Adrian sent Tam a present, much to Jenny’s annoyance. Then Jen told me she, Helen C, Anj and Tam went to see Teenwolf and stay the night on the Thursday of 1/2 term. I am really annoyed about that. Did they do it because they hate me and HT? I’m going to tell her.

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6th February 1986


The world was supposed to end today at 1.00. No one ever believes it when the world’s supposed to end, it’s mental. Monica has decided she is going to give up ever again being best friends with her. I am annoyed with her cos she did this all behind my back. She showed a note Tam had confidentially written to her all round the bus. She’s a real spreader. Her and Tam were bitching about me and Heather in Eng. Now Tam’s got landed with Monica.

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