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1st January 1987


The first day of my new diary. I hope I haven’t got out of the habit of writing as I haven’t written anything in my old one since before Xmas. I’m writing this at M’s home with Suzi C on the top bunk and me underneath. It’s quite warm for once. I may have to take off the thick jumper I’m wearing. Tomorrow we’re going down or up to London to look at the sales. I hope I can buy something nice to wear, I haven’t really got a style of my own at the moment! I want some trousers and a skirt, as leggings are going out of fashion, I may turn them into skirts. I hope it works., I want to try one of Louise’s leggings but I can’t really, cos what if she comes round and wants them back. We have to get up early tomorrow I don’t know how I’ll manage co I’ve been getting up about 10 each day. What the hell I’m going to do on a school day I don’t know. My New Year’s Resolutions are going to be for me to be nicer to everyone and not to bitch about everyone. I’ll try and keep them. I want to fall in love this year – who can say if I will??????

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16th March 1986


I bought a bright yellow jumper and some white baseball boots yesterday for France. I’m going to get some pumps from school to take. I’ll ‘free’ them. Helen’s patry was dead good. We went to the park and Kati, Nat, Heather, Helen T and me lit a fire in one of the rubbish bins. The others didn’t approve! We watched a horror film called ‘Patrick’ and the ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Movie’ I hate Jenny she’s the biggest bitch I know. I detest her.

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