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7th May 1986


This morning we had a right bust-up. We (me, Nat, HT and Kati) wrote a note to them (Jenny, HC, Anj and Tam) saying we were annoyed about them going to Greenbelt. SO they said they didn’t know what we meant and there was an argument. But now we’re all friends ‘cept for Jenny of course. Absolute Beginners was really good but Heather was getting on my nerves a lot. I have made out my revision timetable!

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21st March 1986


This time next week I shall be spending my first evening in France. I’m looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time.  I don’t know what to expect or if me and Karine will get on well. I hope she’s not an incredibly sporty person cos I’m crap at sport! I bought some yellow leggings, a bootlace tie, yellow earrings, ‘What a wonderful world’, ‘Absolute Beginners’, two baskets, some deo, two pairs of socks today with Heather. I need a bra!

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