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31st March 1987


Got some news today, it’s sort of good, sort of bad. Me, Kati, Anj and Mackie were down the car park and Anj and Mackie went off for their chat about whether they go out together or not. When they came back, Anj told me, Mackie had said that Stephen would go back out with me, if Caroline S didn’t want to go out with him. Caz already knew this and she wouldn’t say if she fancied him or not. If it turns out she does, me and Kati and Amelia are going to have a competition for how many lads we can get off with. Kati’ll win.

I don’t know whether to get off with Stephen again – as he may just drop me again. I could really use him as much as he’s planning to use me – by getting off with him, then pretending – or being – to be casual about it – and letting him do all the running – and if he wants to then that’s fine, but if he doesn’t, I haven’t really lost anything.

I don’t know. Mackie’s going to tell him I still fancy him, and I don’t know if that’ll change anything, but there’s still the sort of foursome between Cathy, Scott P, Stephen and Caz, which would be very convenient, especially if Anj is only going to see Mackie occasionally. I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see what happens, if anything.

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30th March 1987


Only another 3 and 1/2 days of SCHOOL. ACE. FAB. I’m getting fed up of it, I really am, we dpend our time doing fuck all for a shit exam that no one knows anything about. Seems pretty crap to me.

Mackie is apparently still crazy about Anj. Duncan really put his foot in it at lunch. Anj and Oliver were talking and he goes up and says what are you going to do about Matt H? And Oliver goes, oh well, thanks for telling me, if you think we’re still friends after this!!!

Ha ha – Joke of the Week – Jim B did NOT get into Snobs, ha ha ha!

Me and Kati and Helen C were at the university car park talking to Mackie and she just can’t talk normally to a boy, she has to really flirt with him and do her stupid flick back hair, do fake ha ha laugh, point nose in likely lad’s direction.

On Friday I want to do a Kati, cos I’m so pissed off with Stephen who’s still got my bracelet – stupid sod, so I feel like being a real slag.

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29th March 1987


I woke at 11.20 this morning, thinking it was 11.20. but no! Stupid old me had forgotten about the clocks moving around! So it was really 12.20. No sooner was I dressed than it was lunchtime!

After lunch I did my homework then went to visit John at the Nature Centre. I hardly know him but he’s very easy to talk to and we had a real laugh and a good time. He is very nice. He showed me round the Nature centre and all the animals who had escaped or died, I really stopped him from working!

I don’t care about Stephen any more – I’m just going to ignore him, except for when I have to ask for my bracelet back. I don’t think I do fancy Duncan – he’s just a good friend – which he is.

I’ve got lots of friends now, I mean this weekend has been an ace weekend, one of the best for ages – and all because of my friends. It has been a shit 2 days romantically, but I’d rather have lots of friends who I can be natural with, than just 1 person who I have to try and impress. Yes, I would like a boyfriend – but I’ve decided I’m going to wait for someone I like to like me and then see what happens. I don’t want to be let down again after Stephen.

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28th March 1987


It is definitely all over with Stephen. Me, Helen C, Jenny and Kati were in Rackhams and he was sitting fairly near us and didn’t look or come over or anything. I gave him 2 deathstares though – which was pretty satisfying!

Mackie said it’s not true that he doesn’t want to go out with Anj any more, but Anj has got mixed up with Matt. Me, Jen, Anj and Duncan all went out to Pizzaland tonight for a meal. It was really good fun. Matt H also came and us three had to keep leaving the table to let Anj and Matt have a talk. He’s going out with Yvonne, but obviously fancies her loads. She was being a real flirt to him and really leading him on, but when we asked her if she would go out with him she said she wouldn’t – definitely – so in my opinion she’s being a complete cow.

We saw a lad who looked just like Nigel and I made a real fool of myself trying to get him to admit it – but it wasn’t him, he was just  friend of Nigel’s! We saw them in the evening on their way to the Dome so we got tickets off them to there – but we didn’t go. You have to be over 21 anyway.

I don’t really care about Stephen, I think I fancy Duncan now – but I don’t know if I just want to be good friends with him or what, it’s difficult.


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27th March 1987


I think it’s all finito between me and Steven. Mackie said to Nat that he didn’t really want to go out with Anj any more and she said he was contrite and likes her, but gets it taken too much and it was sort of the same with Steven. Me and Kati went to  the car park at lunch and Steven Mackie, Jim B and some others walked underneath us on their way to the chippy seeing as we’d taken their usual spot. They must’ve seen us but were avoiding me. I think Steven should at least have the decency to tell me it’s over – what there was.

We’re going to Snobs tomorrow night, me Kati and Anj are – I think they all are – but they may be going to Maximillians. I hope they go – I think if they do I’ll get off with Steven and will be able to I reckon.

Helen C’s supposed to meet Nigel tomorrow in Rackhams. Me Jen and her are meeting at 12.15.

Surprisingly I don’t mind that much about Steven, it’s not as if I’ve lost anything and he didn’t really mean that much to me. I’m just going to forget it it tomorrow and get off with someone else – preferably someone I don’t know at all!!

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26th March 1987


I have been offered the chance to go on the pill to help my zits by the doctor. It has confused me and I’d not really thought about anythign so important. I’m not, I’ve got a lotion, but it has made me think about going on the pill and what it would mean and everything. It’s a major step realy – like acknowledging you’re going to have sex. It’s weird, and everything feels like it’s really creeping up on me. I don’t know!

Well, I guess Steven’s managed to get the message across. He didn’t phone me last night, or go down to the university at lunch, and I gave 3 people my number to give to him but he didn’t phone. I just don’t know what to think. You’d think he’d at least have the dignity to phone/write to me to say I don’t want to see you instead of just avoiding me.

No one male ever likes me enough and now someone does he goes off me in less than a week. I always let myself get too involved emotionally in my dreams and they know nothing about this and I just end up making a complete fool of myself. Why is it always me!

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Notes passed in class (2)

‘Dearest darling Natalia,

What did Ollie say on the bus this morning? As I’ve heard he said something, but I don’t know what,

you precious,


‘Creep! Creep! Creep!’

‘He said that Steven was taken when someone said something and that he’ll probably ask you out!’

‘OOO!!! Thank you my sweetest coochingest poochie darling!

your BEST friend ever,

Jessie xxx’

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