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5th April 1987


Nosy Jenny is here trying to read this. We’re just going to phone Lisa. Jenny’s gone now.

I met her at Cannon Hill cafe and we sat there for a bit and had a few fags and she told me about her ‘affair’ with a 24 yr old who she wants to see, but doesn’t know whether to phone him or now as he now lives in London.

We came back here and Helen phoned to find out what was happening on Friday, so I told her and I said I might see her on Friday at Edwards.

We phoned Lisa and they had already told her that me and John were sort of getting together so I got his phone number and we were chatting away. We’re seeing her on Wednesday probably. Hopefully John will be there – he only has to go to tutoring for half the day, lucky sod. I phoned him but he was out and his mum didn’t know where he was and I’m to ask him where he’s been when I speak to him.

Kati rang to ask if we wanted to go to Boogies tomorrow night. I suppose I will but we’d better get some tickets cos otherwise I’ll have no money on Friday. I’ll have to get other people to buy me drinks. I don’t really want to go, they’re all staying at my house and I haven’t told my Dad yet, I hope he doesn’t mind!

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4th April 1987


I was in a pretty shitty mood today as I had to wear my glasses – but the day definitely got better.

Saw Nat and finally met the famous Fiona she’s always talking about. She does seem weird. Then John, Jeremy, Alison and Lisa came in and so me and Helen deserted Nat and went to sit by them. I really like John. Jenny and Anj arrived. Apparently people kept telling Matt H I was after him – which I wasn’t because of Yvonne. I also saw Abigail’s little brother who I got off with, who’s only 13, so I really got the piss taken there. I also saw Cameron, but I don’t think he recognised me.

Hopefully John’s coming to Edward’s with me next Friday. We went back to Jeremy’s house (me, Anj, Jen, Alison, John, Jem) and watched a video of the Rocky Horror Show. John cracks me up – he’s so funny.  He kept saying things – like – so when are we going out together – etc, in a silly voice, so I don’t know if he was serious or not. He couldn’t have got off with me as Alison was there the whole time and she’d recently written to him asking him out – I love you so much etc, and he’d said no – so it would’ve been awful for her. I’ve got to contact him about Friday. I hope he can go.

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3rd April 1987



At 7 we are allowed to start getting ready I have dyed my hair black. It looks really cool! I am DYING to get off with Stephen. This is my true love of the year (sarky). I’ve just been reading my I heart Jeremy diary. I hope Caz doesn’t get off with Stephen – I’ll fucking kill her!! Weill I get off with him… all will be revealed in the next lines!!!

2.30 I went out with such high hopes and now they’ve all been shattered. As soos as Stephen arrived he got off with Caz ALREADY Well, I was very pissed off so I was crying – first time ever over a boy – why are they such bastards. Then I lost my contact lens well ONE of them – but it means I’ll be wearing glasses for a few days  – un-bloody-fortunately. I spoke to Stephen he was very offish, this was after SHE had gone. He’s borrowing my bracelet but the sod tomorrow sorry I’m a bit drunk at the moment, as you may have guessed dear diary, I spent the majority of the evening crying over lost lenses and lost loves. I still fucking like him which is what is so annoying – he  was just lying on the floor  – stupid sod. I hate having to write this it’s just upsetting me. So I got off with 3 boys – I don’t know who for the life of me and it didn’t help at all. And I’ve lost my keys. Never again.

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2nd April 1987


I am in a fab mood today. I went down the car park with Kati, Cathy and Caz S. I had a chat with Caz about Stephen and she fancies him, but doesn’t know him and isn’t going to force herself on him or anything. She’s going at 12 anyway, so if she gets off with him early, I’ve still got 21/2 hours with him. Stephen came down the car park as well and he was being very nice – i.e. speaking to me first. He came past this house the other day he said, and he knows which room my room is! I fancy him so much – I think it’s going to be a good night tomorrow, i.e. I think I’ll get off with him.

Helen has had her hair ‘re-styled’ – a few layers put in, in other words. She is still kidding everyone she’s going – obviously she’s not, like last time.

I’ve told Anj to tell Mackie tomorrow night to make loads of hints again, that should get Stevie moving! Me and Helen are going early to get pissed quick (well, I am) I still haven’t decided what to wear – it’ll end up being my black polo neck no one’s seen before, and my yellow skirt and black tights. I’ve got to look stunning so I really knock Stephen out. I wonder what he’s thinking now – if he’s dreaming of me or Caroline!

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1st April 1987


April Fool’s Day

What an exciting day today was. Everyone brought in teddies and we sat them all in our desks and hid in the loos for registration, English and Latin. For Maths we said we had a lecture but went to it late. Really most amusing.

Me, Helen and Elise wrote Helen a letter, supposedly from Stephen saying I haven’t finished with Jessica at all, it was just a lie invented by us so us going out wouldn’t hurt your feelings too much, as I hear you’re pretty obsessed with me on the bus! She actually believed it, we think, as she was asking how we’d got it and did Stephen say anything. Really funny.

Best time today was lunchtime. Me Kati and Mackie were sitting having a fag and up comes… Stephen, with a new haircut (exactly the same style just shorter – I really wanted to touch it – but I could hardly have asked!!) Mackie told him I still like him earlier and apparently he was pretty pleased. I’m going to try and get off with him on Friday – I don’t know if I will or not. If I do, will it just be one night, or four days, or longer. I’ll have to talk to him on the night, like I should’ve done last time.

The only spoke in the wheel is Caz S.

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31st March 1987


Got some news today, it’s sort of good, sort of bad. Me, Kati, Anj and Mackie were down the car park and Anj and Mackie went off for their chat about whether they go out together or not. When they came back, Anj told me, Mackie had said that Stephen would go back out with me, if Caroline S didn’t want to go out with him. Caz already knew this and she wouldn’t say if she fancied him or not. If it turns out she does, me and Kati and Amelia are going to have a competition for how many lads we can get off with. Kati’ll win.

I don’t know whether to get off with Stephen again – as he may just drop me again. I could really use him as much as he’s planning to use me – by getting off with him, then pretending – or being – to be casual about it – and letting him do all the running – and if he wants to then that’s fine, but if he doesn’t, I haven’t really lost anything.

I don’t know. Mackie’s going to tell him I still fancy him, and I don’t know if that’ll change anything, but there’s still the sort of foursome between Cathy, Scott P, Stephen and Caz, which would be very convenient, especially if Anj is only going to see Mackie occasionally. I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see what happens, if anything.

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30th March 1987


Only another 3 and 1/2 days of SCHOOL. ACE. FAB. I’m getting fed up of it, I really am, we dpend our time doing fuck all for a shit exam that no one knows anything about. Seems pretty crap to me.

Mackie is apparently still crazy about Anj. Duncan really put his foot in it at lunch. Anj and Oliver were talking and he goes up and says what are you going to do about Matt H? And Oliver goes, oh well, thanks for telling me, if you think we’re still friends after this!!!

Ha ha – Joke of the Week – Jim B did NOT get into Snobs, ha ha ha!

Me and Kati and Helen C were at the university car park talking to Mackie and she just can’t talk normally to a boy, she has to really flirt with him and do her stupid flick back hair, do fake ha ha laugh, point nose in likely lad’s direction.

On Friday I want to do a Kati, cos I’m so pissed off with Stephen who’s still got my bracelet – stupid sod, so I feel like being a real slag.

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