5th April 1987

05 Oct


Nosy Jenny is here trying to read this. We’re just going to phone Lisa. Jenny’s gone now.

I met her at Cannon Hill cafe and we sat there for a bit and had a few fags and she told me about her ‘affair’ with a 24 yr old who she wants to see, but doesn’t know whether to phone him or now as he now lives in London.

We came back here and Helen phoned to find out what was happening on Friday, so I told her and I said I might see her on Friday at Edwards.

We phoned Lisa and they had already told her that me and John were sort of getting together so I got his phone number and we were chatting away. We’re seeing her on Wednesday probably. Hopefully John will be there – he only has to go to tutoring for half the day, lucky sod. I phoned him but he was out and his mum didn’t know where he was and I’m to ask him where he’s been when I speak to him.

Kati rang to ask if we wanted to go to Boogies tomorrow night. I suppose I will but we’d better get some tickets cos otherwise I’ll have no money on Friday. I’ll have to get other people to buy me drinks. I don’t really want to go, they’re all staying at my house and I haven’t told my Dad yet, I hope he doesn’t mind!

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