4th April 1987

05 Oct


I was in a pretty shitty mood today as I had to wear my glasses – but the day definitely got better.

Saw Nat and finally met the famous Fiona she’s always talking about. She does seem weird. Then John, Jeremy, Alison and Lisa came in and so me and Helen deserted Nat and went to sit by them. I really like John. Jenny and Anj arrived. Apparently people kept telling Matt H I was after him – which I wasn’t because of Yvonne. I also saw Abigail’s little brother who I got off with, who’s only 13, so I really got the piss taken there. I also saw Cameron, but I don’t think he recognised me.

Hopefully John’s coming to Edward’s with me next Friday. We went back to Jeremy’s house (me, Anj, Jen, Alison, John, Jem) and watched a video of the Rocky Horror Show. John cracks me up – he’s so funny.  He kept saying things – like – so when are we going out together – etc, in a silly voice, so I don’t know if he was serious or not. He couldn’t have got off with me as Alison was there the whole time and she’d recently written to him asking him out – I love you so much etc, and he’d said no – so it would’ve been awful for her. I’ve got to contact him about Friday. I hope he can go.

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