3rd April 1987

05 Oct



At 7 we are allowed to start getting ready I have dyed my hair black. It looks really cool! I am DYING to get off with Stephen. This is my true love of the year (sarky). I’ve just been reading my I heart Jeremy diary. I hope Caz doesn’t get off with Stephen – I’ll fucking kill her!! Weill I get off with him… all will be revealed in the next lines!!!

2.30 I went out with such high hopes and now they’ve all been shattered. As soos as Stephen arrived he got off with Caz ALREADY Well, I was very pissed off so I was crying – first time ever over a boy – why are they such bastards. Then I lost my contact lens well ONE of them – but it means I’ll be wearing glasses for a few days  – un-bloody-fortunately. I spoke to Stephen he was very offish, this was after SHE had gone. He’s borrowing my bracelet but the sod tomorrow sorry I’m a bit drunk at the moment, as you may have guessed dear diary, I spent the majority of the evening crying over lost lenses and lost loves. I still fucking like him which is what is so annoying – he  was just lying on the floor  – stupid sod. I hate having to write this it’s just upsetting me. So I got off with 3 boys – I don’t know who for the life of me and it didn’t help at all. And I’ve lost my keys. Never again.

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