29th March 1987

29 Sep


I woke at 11.20 this morning, thinking it was 11.20. but no! Stupid old me had forgotten about the clocks moving around! So it was really 12.20. No sooner was I dressed than it was lunchtime!

After lunch I did my homework then went to visit John at the Nature Centre. I hardly know him but he’s very easy to talk to and we had a real laugh and a good time. He is very nice. He showed me round the Nature centre and all the animals who had escaped or died, I really stopped him from working!

I don’t care about Stephen any more – I’m just going to ignore him, except for when I have to ask for my bracelet back. I don’t think I do fancy Duncan – he’s just a good friend – which he is.

I’ve got lots of friends now, I mean this weekend has been an ace weekend, one of the best for ages – and all because of my friends. It has been a shit 2 days romantically, but I’d rather have lots of friends who I can be natural with, than just 1 person who I have to try and impress. Yes, I would like a boyfriend – but I’ve decided I’m going to wait for someone I like to like me and then see what happens. I don’t want to be let down again after Stephen.

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