28th March 1987

29 Sep


It is definitely all over with Stephen. Me, Helen C, Jenny and Kati were in Rackhams and he was sitting fairly near us and didn’t look or come over or anything. I gave him 2 deathstares though – which was pretty satisfying!

Mackie said it’s not true that he doesn’t want to go out with Anj any more, but Anj has got mixed up with Matt. Me, Jen, Anj and Duncan all went out to Pizzaland tonight for a meal. It was really good fun. Matt H also came and us three had to keep leaving the table to let Anj and Matt have a talk. He’s going out with Yvonne, but obviously fancies her loads. She was being a real flirt to him and really leading him on, but when we asked her if she would go out with him she said she wouldn’t – definitely – so in my opinion she’s being a complete cow.

We saw a lad who looked just like Nigel and I made a real fool of myself trying to get him to admit it – but it wasn’t him, he was just  friend of Nigel’s! We saw them in the evening on their way to the Dome so we got tickets off them to there – but we didn’t go. You have to be over 21 anyway.

I don’t really care about Stephen, I think I fancy Duncan now – but I don’t know if I just want to be good friends with him or what, it’s difficult.


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