1st April 1987

29 Sep


April Fool’s Day

What an exciting day today was. Everyone brought in teddies and we sat them all in our desks and hid in the loos for registration, English and Latin. For Maths we said we had a lecture but went to it late. Really most amusing.

Me, Helen and Elise wrote Helen a letter, supposedly from Stephen saying I haven’t finished with Jessica at all, it was just a lie invented by us so us going out wouldn’t hurt your feelings too much, as I hear you’re pretty obsessed with me on the bus! She actually believed it, we think, as she was asking how we’d got it and did Stephen say anything. Really funny.

Best time today was lunchtime. Me Kati and Mackie were sitting having a fag and up comes… Stephen, with a new haircut (exactly the same style just shorter – I really wanted to touch it – but I could hardly have asked!!) Mackie told him I still like him earlier and apparently he was pretty pleased. I’m going to try and get off with him on Friday – I don’t know if I will or not. If I do, will it just be one night, or four days, or longer. I’ll have to talk to him on the night, like I should’ve done last time.

The only spoke in the wheel is Caz S.

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