Notes passed in class (1)

09 Sep

‘No Jessica I would not have flirted with Steven because I’ve said before that I’m not interested. Therefore, why write such a fuckin’ bitchy comment on your folder? I feel marvellous knowing how much you ‘like’ me really. OK. I’ll keep awya from you from now on. Hopefully you are no satisfied. And next time, don’t make your feelings so blatantly obvious, I hear that you put Steven off me by saying things about me. Did it work? I don’t even think that the runour was true in the first place.’

‘It was true and he was telling me on Friday – before we got together – that he did fancy you because you were quiet and other people said he used to like you, so and I fancied him then, so I didn’t want him thinking you were nicer than me seeing as how much I liked him. At least I do have an excuse for saying things (well sort of excuse, at least I wasn’t just saying things purely for fun) I’m sorry you saw that ‘thing’ on my folder, I didn’t expect you to look there. I’m not going to make excuses for that though. I’d be interested to hear who you heard that I’d said nasty things about you to Steven though you probably won’t tell me.’

‘No, but it’s hardly nice for me to have everyone bitching about me, especially Natalie (don’t tell Jenny what this note’s about) I mean, it’s hardly fair is it? I said to you that I wasn’t interested.’

‘I know, but considering me and looks etc etc, it’s not often I get someone (male) who likes me a bit, so I just felt, oh, I don’t know (I’m avoiding telling Nosy) I should’ve believed you first, but I didn’t want to take any chances.’

‘Yeah but what about everyone else who was bitching. I understand but I was afraid you’d think I’d want to split u up. That’s why I kept telling you I wasn’t interested. I’m so fed up cos everyone’s so 2-faced to me. It doesn’t matter now, just leave it.’

‘When bitching, do you mean all the time or this lunch with Steven and Ollie? I don’t know what you’d prefer though – everyone to fall out with you, or bitch about you behind your back and nice to your face, I’d prefer the latter personally.’

‘Yes, but when everyone makes it so obvious behind my back. Does that mean you lot were bitching to Ollie and Steven? Oh bloody marvellous.’

‘We weren’t really that much – I won’t say not at all as that’s crap but you weren’t the main topic of conversation or anything,’

‘So Oll and Steven think I’m a real flirt and what else?’

‘No, they thought you were after Steven and Jim but they didn’t think anyone else. I don’t think they care or anything. It’s a weird business really.’

‘Oh great. Thank you for telling me what was said but no thanks for saying it in the first place. I would be lying if I said I felt much better.’

‘I didn’t see the point in just lying and saying nothing. They knew you liked Jim anyway and they think you’re after Steven because of what I said to him – so that was me.’

‘Well, can u put the record straight 4 me? Please. Thanks anyway.’

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