23rd March 1987

09 Sep

“And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you give” Lennon


I am in an incredibly ace mood. Despite my casual mention to Steven about where me and Kati go – him and Ollie actually turned up – I was quite surprised. It shows that Steven must fancy me – that sounds immodest – but you’re supposed to write anything in a diary! He’s weird looking but he’s really nice – and he’s funy and thinks I’m funny – which is good. He seems a bit shy – in that he doesn’t seem to know if he should touch me or what (he didn’t), but once he gets goinbg – he gets going!!!

It’s different fancying someone and sort of going out with them, cos when you’re fancying them you have all the fun of your fantasies – and what could happen – but on’t – but in going out it’s all for real and you can still have your fantasies, but they’re not as good!!

I’ve got a few people to say casually (I hope) to him – So you’re going out with Jessica now are you? Cos I don’t really know if we are or not – it’s a bit weird. I’m seeing him tomorrow anyway and Helen wants to come down but she’d better bloody not or I’ll kill her – me and Kati will have to give her the slip!!

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