22nd March 1987

07 Sep
22nd March 1987


Nothing wildly exciting happened today, I didn’t go out, except to get some fags. I phoned Helen T and she hadn’t heard about me getting off with Steven but she thinks Anj is going out with Ollie, I hope she does and Steven wants to go out with me cos then we can go out in a four. I wonder if Steven will go tomorrow to the university – if he can find it, I do hope he does, cos I really fancy him, I’ve decided.

Emma phoned and she said he looked cute, not her type though – thank god!!! I don’t know if it’s going to be worth his image to go out with a 4th year, I don’t know. Gorilla Neil of U6ths’s going out with Fay, but that is Fay, I’m not exactly of the same calibre as her!! Mind you, Steven’s not of the same calibre as Gorilla… he’s miles nicer!

It’ll probably just fall through, like it did with Andy, but Steven does seem to like me a bit, and Andy didn’t seem to much. Hopefully – if it does all fall through – then he’ll go somewhere I’m going and we can get off with each other there!! But really want to go out with him – it’s been over a year!!

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