21st March 1987

07 Sep
21st March 1987


Today went OK. I arrived in Rackhams bright and cheerful – not at all hungover thanks to the pint of water I drank last night, at 1.15, talked to Duncan till Kati, Jenny and Anj arrived at 1.45. Steven, Oliver H, Cathy and Fiona came in at about half two, but Stevn didn’t speak to me. I kept sending people over to ask him if he was going to and he said ‘soon’. So I bought Dunc a doughnut and he went over and got Steven to sit at a table on his own miles away and I had to go over to him which was awful and we chatted away for ages – about people – and life in general. He doesn’t seem to want to make the first suggestion of going out – maybe he’s not sure or he’s shy or what, I don’t know. He was being dead nice he’s sweet, he keeps saying ‘bad news’, he’s really COOL. He walked me to the bus stop and we saw Emma on the way and she said to give her a ring, but I just got the answer phone. Oliver arrived at the bus stop before anything could occur, but I described where me and Kati go for fags and said if you go down on Monday lunchtime, I might see you there. It’s really up to him whether he goes or not, really hope he does, I really fancy him, even though he’s shorter than me – a bit shorter – he’s so COOL!!

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