20th March 1987

07 Sep

Friday 8.40

I was in a really ace mood this morning at school. This German girl of Claire’s was in school, she had a massive foundation line and orange eyebrows which didn’t look very realistic! Her name’s Denia and she seems quite nice – a bit stiff I suppose.

I’m just waiting for Helen to get ready – she’s taking an age – I wish she’d hurry up. I hope Helen T doesn’t go, I couldn’t stand another evening of of he fancies me, of he’s looking down my shirt etc. Silly cow.

Saturday 3.05am

Well I am in love again this time with famous Steven (aka Nick Kamen) I got off with him well quite a lot actually. He’s a bit of a goer but I love him. We’ve got the same sense of humour and he’s gorgeous, sexy, fantastic, ace. I love him.

Other news: Helen got off with a nice kid called Nigel and Kati got off with about 7 or 6 people , but people won’t call her a slag. Anj got off with Ollie.

I’m supposed to meet Stevie tomorrow at Rackhams at about half two. I want to go out with him but I don’t know about him, he’s lovely.

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