16th March 1987

04 Sep


Helen C is staying at mine (house) before and after Edwards on Friday and Helen T will got spare about it and so we’re trying to keep is a secret! She was really annoying everyone today cos there was only 6 of us – me Helen Anj Kati Jo and Rhon, so all her faults were really obvious. Of course she had her chance to shine in basketball. She obviously doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘team’.

Kati is going out with Jim B and she met him at lunch. Me and Anj and Helen saw Clifford, Duncan and Matt H. I don’t know why everyone says Matt H is good looking, cos he isn’t really. He’s got a nice smile but all his features are too big.

I also saw Andy and wished him happy birthday. His face has really erupted and it looks dreadful. The old magic is still there though! I asked if he was going on Friday and he said he may do so I’ve got to get tickets for him and a friend so he doesn’t have to go on his own. If I’m lucky and at the right place at the right time I may get off with him, he was being friendly today.

I’ve just been babysitting – 7.30 till 12 – for a measly £5! I’m knackered and I couldn’t get in the house cos Dad had latched the front door.

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