15th March 1987

04 Sep
15th March 1987


I think the half pint of water I drank before bed last night had 2 effects. 1 – I didn’t have a massive hangover which I would’ve had, and 2 – I woke up early cos I was desperate for the loo. I spent the morning in agony cos my back was killing me – yes period time again!! and I didn’t want to get a paracetomol cos Gran was in the kitchen all the time and she would’ve said – Oooo got a hangover??

I phoned Helen C to tell her Kati had got off with Jim B and I told her about Andy too. It was really flattering to have a 22 year odl chat me up  – considering I’m only 15!!! I didn’t get off with him though I don’t really regret that! Hopefully I’ll get someone nicer next Friday preferably someone from school – e.g. someone nice – Bob O or BA!! I don’t know if I like BA or not actually. he’s all right. I’d prefer to get off with Duncan but it would make things a bit awkward seeing as he used to go out with Rhon!!

Helen T phoned to ask what happened. I missed most of it unfortunately as I was dancing with Andy but Anj said Kati and Jim were getting pretty heated, and he said in ‘sign’ to Ollie he wanted to shag her and I don’t think he was joking!!

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