13th March 1987

04 Sep
13th March 1987

We’re all (well me, Kati, Anj and Jen – maybe Helen C) going tomorrow to Edwards, I haven’t got a THING to wear. I may be able to get a black miniskirt tomorrow, if there are any cheap ones and I can wear that over something – I haven’t any black leggings so it’ll have to be tights and I don’t know about that with my legs. What I really want is a navy miniskirt – to go with my top and cardi and I haven’t got any bottoms to go with them – especially my long cardi – I want to wear that next week though. I really don’t have a clue what to wear. I could wear my brown ‘cowgirly’ stuff but it’s not very good or ‘trendy’ – more for wearing in teh summer I think. I could see if there’s anything I can do with my olf leggings, I could wear my red skirt, long, with my black top and black tights and shoes and silver jewellery – I wish I had diamante, and that wide crocodile belt. I really don’t know.

I’m going into town tomorrow to see Anj / Kati / Jenny. They don’t know it – well Anj does cos I phoned her. I want to meet them cos I always have a bit of a laugh with them, and  there’re usually loads of people hanging around in there, but I don’t like to go on my own.

Gran’s coming tomorrow – shoudl be pretty ace, at least it means I’ll be able to nick the odd pack of fags off her – hopefully!

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