12th March 1987

04 Sep
12th March 1987

Ollie Mackie saw Nat and Anj today at lunch and told them Jim does fancy Kati, an dif sh eshowed she liked him at a party he’d go out with her… showed she liked him = got off with him… and he said all this seriously!!

Kati is now going to Edwards on Saturday, as he’s going, so me and Anj are going to keep her company. I thought I could use Helen T’s ticket for Sat, but she got all annoyed when I asked her if I could have it and said if she got 2 she’d keep one for herself and give one to Kati – so I said oh thanks Helen, and then she tried to be all creepy because it’s her birthday tomorrow and she wants presents off everybody. Kati says she’s got her a foul brown eyeshadow and pencil – ha ha! Helen still doesn’t think we’re all going on Friday, hopefully she won’t go.

I really want to go on Sat so I can get to know the L6th boys – cos I don’t like all Roger’s mob – cept for Dan and Richard and personally I think Oliver H is nice although Helen reckons he fancies Kati, but she’s just stirring! and I thnik Anj likes him, and out of me and Anj it’s more likely she’ll get off with him than I will. I want to get off with someone though, preferably someone nice

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