Jon’s letter, 3rd March 1987

03 Sep

Dear Jessica

Sorry about this card. I couldn’t be bothered to go downstairs and get some decent writing paper. Still, you can spend hours in agony laughing at the hilarious jokes in the front. I’ve had loads of mocks last week and I’ve got loads more next week, so life’s just overflowing with fun at the moment!

Right, that’s enough sarcasm for one day. I’d better think of something mind-blowingly interesting to say. Oh yeah! The headline in The Star today was “Don’t hug your baby!” And there was me thinking the star wasn’t a meaningful and fascinatingly relevant newspaper. There. Wasn’t that interesting.

I haven’t had any of the xmas whisky since early last month. must be why I’m feeling so happy at the moment. No one else has had any either, so they won’t notice.

What are you doing next Sunday, or the one after that etc? How’d you like for us to go out somewhere. I could meet you at New St or something. I know its all a bit dead on sundays but I’m sure we’re both such blindingly interesting people that we wouldn’t need trivial things like something to do.

It hasn’t snowed for ages – the weather’s getting better, plus it makes it too easy for me to get into school.

By the way, do you think that Half Man Half Biscuit are really cool and hyper-amazing like me, or haven’t you heard of them like everyone else? I bet that you’ve been asked that quetsions so many times that you’re sick to death of it now.

Write back soon



PS What’s your phone number? Give me a ring sometime.

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