9th March 1987

03 Sep
9th March 1987

Today was quite a good day really – the morning was a real laugh – we just dossed around most of the lessons. We had a physics practical this morning – find the volume of a drop of water! Ha ha! He’d laid out loads of equipment and we didn’t have a clue what to do. Most people put 100 drops in the burette and saw how much that came to – but of course I had to do it the hard way and spend about 25 mins trying to measure a miniature piece of wire – very fiddly and I probably got it wrong.

I might be able to go to the Dance Competition after all – hopefully. Dr Dadheech said she could take me to school after my babysitting – so hopefully I’ll be able to get a ticket tomorrow at school. Anj’s dance is so good – it’s ace! We were watching them today and hers is miles better than most people’s – Helen B is good – but she could’ve done a better one. Sarah W is good as well.

We’re all getting more pissed off with Helen T. In Basketball me Katy, Anj, Helen, Rhon and Sam were together – but the only person you knew was there was Helen T!! It wasn’t as though we didn’t try for the ball either – she just tackled us for it!!! However, life would be very boring without her to bitch about – even though I’m trying to give up being nasty!

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