8th March 1987

03 Sep
8th March 1987

Today was really funny – I went into town by bus at about half 1, 1.45 and he wasn’t there, so I took the bus round a bit – out of town to the ABC, then back in, and there he was. Looking about 12 years old wearing a putrid brown jacket which looked as though it had embroidery on it. I kept taking the bus round town, to ABC and back in again, but he didn’t leave till a quarter to 3!!! What a dickhead, I would only have waited half an hour!

When he had finally gone I got off the bus and went to the cinema. I wanted to see Peggy Sue Gets Married, but they were only showing Crocodile Dundee so went to see that. It was ever so good, Paul Hogan is lovely and hunky – I was just worried taht Jon might be sitting near me!!

I feel a bit sorry for him – he phoned 3 tmes in the afternoon, but I got Alice to say I was with my boyfriend – he must be pretty desperate I suppose I should have gone – if only to explain that I didn’t want to be known as the girl who went out with Jon M seeing as he’d told virtually the whole 5th year, big mouth. But I didn’t even want him to know who I am in case I should see him at school. He has no idea of how to be cool, at least he lives down to his surname.

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