7th March 1987

03 Sep
7th March 1987

I woke up today to find it had snowed a lot and it continued snowing all flipping day. Of course this only happens at the weekend – never at school!

Well only I was asleep till 11.30 – which is really late for me and I went into town this afternoon and bought a blue top like my black polo neck one for only £3.99 from Mark One. I don’t know what I’m going to wear tomorrow. I’m a bit limited thanks to the flipping snow – hopefully it’ll have gone by tomorrow morning I’ve decided I may as well go.

Advantages: He might be nice. I want to get off with somoen. I want to go to the cinema anyway, to fill an afternoon.

Disadvantages: He might be foul. He’ll ruin my reputation. Everyoen’ll talk about it/. He might hate me.

5 to 4: I’m going to go past on the bus to see what he looks like – if he’s foul I won’t go – if he’s niceish I will.

Alice is away at the moment, only till tomorrow morning worse luck, but at least I get a bit of peace. My hair is getting longer and floppier – I’ve got to find a style that it’ll look nice in while growing longer – the only one that I can think of is sideways and that’s so boring!! I bought some long combs which could help a bit.

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