6th March, 1987

03 Sep

I still haven’t decided whether to go on Sunday or not- I think I’ll go past on a bus a few times to see what he looks like and then see what I think. Apparently he’s told the whole fifth year about it and is really going on about it – silly wanker. My feeling is that I will go but from what other people have said to me about him he sounds a complete nob. Isuppose I’ll just have to see what happens, I’d like to go – cos I want to get off with someone, but I don’t want it to be round everywhere on Monday and have everyone saying – so did you really go out with Jon? It’ll be terrible.

I bought Andy a birthday card today – a 7 today one – with all animals inside – it’s really cute and I’ve written all these messages inside it. I might send him another mystery one – saying To Mr Suntan, I still love you, A Secret Admirer.

All our German group have written a German essay in rough about My Weekend and we’ve  all put I met my boyfriend, Andy Hitchens, cos she has him for German and she’ll think he’s a rea goer – expecially as we’ll have to hand in the books on the day she has him!!!

I saw him at lunchtime and I think I’m going off him – I also saw Miles and he is gorgeous!!! He looks like Nick Sexy Kamen!! I’ve bought Helen T a book about Pisces people and their year ahead for her birthday.

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