5th March 1987

03 Sep

Jon phoned me this evening. I was really surprised cos I didn’t think he’d have the courage to – I wouldn’t have done!! It was awful cos i said Hello? and he said Hello, and then we both stood there – silent, so I said Who’s this, and he said Jon (although I already knew) and I said Oh hi, and he said He was just letting me it was ok for Sunday, and I made a few stupid remarks about the ‘funny’ cards he sent mem, then I said well I’ll see you sunday, then bye. I wish I’d asked him what he looks like and what sort of clothes he wears. I hope he isn’t a Kevin – cos I hate them. He has got a really sexy voice – all low and mmmm!!!

Fiona phoned me later to tell me that Andrew asked her if he could meet her to see the photos, but she hasn’t got hers, so I can collect mine tomorrow lunchtime and I’ll go with Fi after school and he can see mine – there’s actually a whole film just of him and maybe a few other people – but mostly him and his bod!!! I reckon he fancies Fiona – but unfortunately she doesn’t really like him – or that’s what she tells me anyway!! I still like him, but not nearly as much as I used to at all – it doesn’t bother me I don’t see him on the bus in the morning – I just got the long way to have a fag!

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